Bigger isn’t always better

Big companies have names that you know. You see their ads on TV and their billboards. You recognize the logos. Familiarity breeds trust – the word itself came from being a part of a family.  But sometimes that trust is misplaced.

Putting in a new phone system, let’s say. You call up a big name, a familiar name, a trusted name. You sit through the phone tree of press 1 for sales and press 2 for assistance and please hold, your call is very important to us.

Finally you get someone on the phone. They come out and say, yep, your system can definitely support 40 new VoIP phones. Sure, we can put in that new phone system for you. No problem. 40 new phones arrive with one guy to install them. He plugs them in. They’re new, they’re shiny, they have many more buttons than the last phones.

How do you program them? When does it divert to voicemail if the office is closed? How do you leave your voicemail recording? What’s your password? How do you set a conference call?

The phone installer shows you how to set up one of them. You have to set up the rest yourself, by hand, individually.

Finally after a morning wasted punching phone buttons at each work station, they’re set up and ready to go. But the nightmare is just beginning.

VoIP is new technology that uses your internet connection to make calls. And your current internet setup can’t effectively and functionally support that volume. Calls get dropped, the calls that do come in sound jittery. Clients get annoyed because they can’t hear you or understand you on the phone. Employees get frustrated because they can’t get work done.

Modern networks can be set up to give priority to the voice traffic – the real time demands of your business. It’s a mission critical application that now doesn’t work they way you need it to.

Familiarity shouldn’t always breed trust. Just because it’s a familiar brand doesn’t mean they’ll help you like you’re a part of the family.

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