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There’s no doubt why there’s been a significant migration to cloud services by companies who want more data protection surety and better cloud data backup and online storage measures in place. We get more and more small businesses every day who come to use for better cloud-based backup solutions to solve their evolving data management requirements.

There’s a debate going on right now where more and more cloud backup experts are seeing that cloud-based data backup can indeed handle both short-term and more long-range data retention as part of a sound data protection strategy – contrary to what some had been saying in IT publications and circles in recent years.

The fact is that you can do it all with cloud backup services, and not have to worry about backing up those backups on tape or removable hard drive. And, no, cloud services companies don’t hold your proprietary data hostage if you don’t pay the bill. This is another urban myth that began by overly-imaginative article writers who created those scenarios in their minds.

We’re not against having alternative forms of data backup working for you; we just don’t want our customers subscribing to purported myths that may end up costing them more money than is necessary.

How Cloud Backup Services Work

Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is a strategy for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server. The server is usually hosted by a third-party service provider (that’s where the full complement of our CooperCare comes into play) who then charges the backup customer a fee based on capacity, bandwidth or number of users.

Implementing cloud data backup can help bolster an organization’s data protection strategy without increasing the workload on information technology staff. We also give our customers both pure cloud and hybrid cloud options as part of our cloud services.

And, as a cloud backup vendor with a growing satisfied client roster, we offer the most backup software cloud options that make a cloudy day a pretty wonderful and IT operations-enhancing thing!

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