Streamlining Vital Aspects Of IT Monitoring And Maintenance To Give You The Best Support Experience

Automation is a great IT support provider’s secret weapon. That’s why Cooper Technologies relies on ConnectWise Automate to help our team manage client technology.

Through ConnectWise, we’re able to instantly take care of:

  • Windows and Windows application updates
  • Hard drive performance monitoring
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Monitoring and alerting on critical systems
  • Data backups and backup verifications
  • Early warning system issue detection

But IT automation goes beyond just simplifying typical IT tasks – in fact, it goes beyond typical IT. Automation is about embracing digital transformation and finding new ways to leverage technology to your business’ advantage. For us, that means letting ConnectWise make our days easier, freeing us up to focus on finding ways to make your days easier.

That starts with creating automated processes for your business. By allowing your team to automate business tasks, we can make your day-to-day simple. We accomplish that by integrating technology into your business processes to handle routine tasks such as:

  • Printing/scanning optimization
  • Removal of redundant data entry
  • Data sync

Our goal is to make sure you’re able to focus on your business, not your technology. You can leave that to us.

Ready to put automation to work for your business? Get in touch with us at or (855) 303-5378 to learn more about the IT support solutions Cooper Technologies offers. We’re the IT professionals businesses in Sacramento count on.