9 Surprising Ways Computers Services Can Solve Common Business Woes

Take a look at the unexpected advantages to using computer services in your business.

When companies are ready to look for computer services in Santa Cruz, they sometimes have a very narrow view of what data and IT services can do. They focus on data security, or data sharing, or cloud storage — you know the drill. And while these are indeed important parts of the computer service experience, our solutions can go far beyond these traditional areas. You may be surprised at just what parts of your business we can help with. Here are the top advantages to new data services that businesses don’t always consider.

Computer Services

The Right Services Can Make Everything Simpler

Companies don’t always think of IT like this, especially at the ground level. There is a frequent assumption that using new computer services will make things more complicated. A new machine to set up, a new tool to learn, a new format to practice, a new security check to remember. But computer services from a qualified provider can actually do the opposite — they can simplify.

This is an unexpected benefit we see with companies that have picked up several different tech solutions over the years and are trying to juggle them all. A new, flexible system can do everything the old system can, and it’s a lot easier for employees to learn and use, so that everyone wins. The same is true of other solutions like automation (which can save time and fill out those pesky online forms in short order) or cloud data sharing (which allows you to work on projects remotely and drop quick questions when necessary). A good IT system unifies and simplifies. If you’re not getting that, it’s time for a change.

Automation Can Help You Score More Tax Benefits

Speaking of automation, it may have more benefits than first meet the eye. Automated systems like payroll and accounting can quickly speed up those processes and greatly reduce the number errors (along with giving you handy results when any errors do emerge). But today’s automated solutions are also pretty smart. Give them enough information about your company, and they can line up the right forms and applications for any available local, state, or federal tax benefits — like a very adept, business-focused version of TurboTax. Many small to midsize companies end up finding out about deductions or tax breaks they didn’t know exist. Applying these benefits may result in some very nice savings.

You Can Plan For and Provide New Benefits

Computer services in Santa Cruz can also provide a stepping stone for companies that want to improve their benefits packages. Advanced benefits like health and dental plans or a tiered bonus structure take a lot of work — not just in payroll, but in time sheet management, scheduling software, data record sharing, and more. Even minor benefits like wellness programs can sometimes need a lot of management. New computer solutions make these benefits possible even for newer companies — and the better the benefits you can offer, the more easily you can win over top talent for your team.

Companies Can Get On-the-Spot Training

Thanks to screen sharing and chat boxes, a high-quality computer services company is only steps away from offering guidance, training, and troubleshooting. This is especially advantageous for spot training, where you need to train a particular employee (a new hire, someone moving to a new position, or someone accepting a new responsibility) in a system that they are unfamiliar with. Now these people can get direct training from experts when they need it, without wasting any time and making mistakes working with something they don’t understand. This is often a major relief for busy companies.

You May Be Able to Find Better Insurance Rates

Insurance companies love to see checks and balances that protect companies from any unforced errors. It’s worthwhile to look at your business insurance policies and see if they offer any discounts for upgrading your computer security, automating certain processes, or using an updated data solution. Many insurers are willing to offer a lower rate after a big upgrade, especially if it helps with liability or safety issues.

Computer Services in Santa Cruz Can Keep You Cool

Yep, literally cool — don’t forget about the Internet of Things! The IoT is made up of smart devices that excel at monitoring conditions and making necessary changes and updates. That includes keeping the office comfortable while still saving your on HVAC bills, monitoring server room temperatures, and keeping a constant eye on equipment and machinery to make sure it doesn’t overheat. Take a look at how smart devices can help your business become more efficient.

Customer Service Can Answer Questions More Efficiently

Computer services in Santa Cruz can give you more options on how to communicate with customers who have questions. From email to chatbots, you can choose how to talk to them and what sort of information to provide. Updated CRM systems can also give you instant customer profiles, even if you’re on the go, so reps and support never need to be embarrassed or unsure. Better customer management typically yields a better customer experience, not just efficiency on the back end.

Your Inventory Problems Can Be Solved — Permanently

If you juggle a lot of inventory, you’ll love how computer solutions can make your work easier. Automatic updates and automatic reordering (that still gives you control of the process) can help ensure that you never encounter a shortage again. Today’s inventory management systems are also mobile — saving time when you’re on the move — and excel at analysis, allowing you to chart seasonal trends and product popularity for new insights.

The Right Control Can Reduce Your Risk of Data Attack

Data attacks are no joking matter. They can destroy your company, and small businesses are more likely targets for hackers. But threat intelligence options are also very strong these days. They can help you identify suspicious activity before it goes too far, and the right systems can house data in ways that make it more difficult to steal — not just encryption, but advanced virtualization options that can protect mobile devices.

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