Consult before you buy for your on-site mobile office

You’re a building contractor and you’re setting up a mobile office on-site. You’ve got your construction trailer and you need to get power and internet service. You have to log in your time to get it back to the accounting department and with an internet connection, you’ll be good to go. You call over Bob, he’s a tech-savvy kid.

“Bob, hook up everything so we can get online out here.”

“Sure thing boss.”

Bob peels out of the parking lot and heads to Best Buy for an extension cord and a modem and router. He comes back and plugs everything in.

“Everything’s ready to go,” Bob says.

Do you believe him?

For a few days you do. And then you’ve got the air conditioning on because it’s hot, and the circuit breakers blow. You can get online with 2 bars of connectivity in the corner of the trailer. Workers coming in with mud and water dripping off of them, and you start to wonder if that’s great around electronic equipment.

After a month, you show up and someone has broken into the trailer and stolen the computers. You’ve lost all of that data because it hadn’t been backed up and it hadn’t be sent online to anyone because the internet wasn’t working.

Perhaps this set-up wasn’t what you’d needed after all.

You should ask questions. Figure out your goal. If you want a mobile office on-site that can move and will last five years, you need to do more than grab something prepackaged off the shelf at a big box store. You’re in a mud puddle at times, and you need internet service and secure access – this can be done, but it has to be planned out.

Take some time to consult with experts and figure out what will actually work and then follow the advice.

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