Cooper keeps itself healthy

Today, we’re going to get a glimpse of some behind the scenes initiatives at Cooper – just what kind of company are they?

Cooper Tech is all about keeping your business healthy and thriving. And they’re also all about being healthy within their own office.

They did CHIP Health – Complete Health Improvement Programs with a goal to help make the company healthier. And they met that goal.logo-chip

Aaron, the big boss, the main man, the head honcho, gave his employees the opportunity to participate, and the employees who did ended up changing some lifestyle habits that resulted in both weight loss and health gain.

Aaron describes the program like this, “It’s essentially a whole foods plant based diet. It’s pretty intense for the first couple of weeks, but you go and there’s dinner made for you with meals in the guidelines. Most people that hear about it think they can never do that. But once you start eating that way and seeing that the food is good and delicious, it’s not a big deal. You can eat more. It’s not restrictive.”

A healthier workforce is more productive and happier overall. So Cooper’s fit and better ready to help you.

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