Cooper Technologies, Inc. Thrilled to Sponsor Santa Cruz Women’s Recreational League Softball Team

Santa Cruz IT CompanySANTA CRUZ, CA  – The team of IT experts at Cooper Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce that they will once again be serving as the sponsor for a team of women in the Santa Cruz Women’s Recreational Softball League. This season will mark the third year that Cooper Technologies have sponsored The Sluggers team in their effort to have fun and win games.

The team originated in the late 1980’s as part of a self-run Church league in the San Lorenzo Valley. When that league folded, the team moved to the Scotts Valley League under a variety of different names. Eventually, the team became The Sluggers they’re known as today and they are more passionate about the game now than ever. A few years ago, a Cooper Technologies employee approached President Aaron McDonald and asked him to consider sponsoring her team – The Sluggers – for their summer season. McDonald’s wife also played on the team, so the sponsorship offer seemed like a great fit.

“When I was approached to sponsor, I immediately agreed to the offer,” says Cooper Technologies President and CEO, Aaron McDonald. “Cooper Technologies has now been sponsoring The Sluggers for three straight seasons. We even purchased jerseys for the entire team that read COOPER across the back. It’s a sponsorship we plan to carry on for many years to come.”

The Sluggers softball team is defined by more than just sports. The guiding philosophy for this team is about providing an opportunity for women to get together, exercise, learn the game, get out of the house, and spend time socializing with like minded people. The entire team looks forward to the chances they get to de-stress after work through fun and challenging games. It’s not all about winning – although that never hurts – it’s about the mutual encouragement, camaraderie and lasting friendships gained through the sport.

“We have been blessed these past three or four seasons to have Cooper Technologies sponsor our team,” says Team Manager, Alma Black. “Team fees can get pretty high, so Cooper Technologies has made it possible for us to get out there and play, when finances would otherwise impede. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!”

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