CryptoLocker update: Threat is on hold for now

After an international effort, one of the main servers for the CryptoLocker virus has been taken down. The core server was the one delivering the encryption key, so with that out, there’s at least a pause on the cybercrime from this particular source.

The network developed was/is based out of Russia, and it was called Gameover Zeus. And a game over it was, and could be again in the future. It’s like a science fiction movie – the computer hackers who have designed a way to strip you of your information and your money and your safety. The malware affected hundreds of thousands of computers, and it caused $100 million+ in damages and losses.

CryptoLocker encrypts and destroys files, holding them for ransom. It’s an ongoing concern, even though it’s currently not an active threat. The network it’s run on is huge, complex, and pretty overwhelming. Just because one is done doesn’t mean more won’t pop up to take the place of dangerous malware and viruses trying to attack your computer systems and exploit any weaknesses.

To help protect against these dangerous attacks, keep your information reliably backed up, have good virus and spam protection, and be smart about clicking on links and attachments in emails.

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