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Rely on Us for Robust Cyber Security!

Using our unique combination of carefully chosen hardware and industry-leading software tools, we have developed cyber security protocols that make the difference in keeping your business safe and functional in a global environment filled with threats.

The Cooper Technologies, Inc. cyber security solution is about protecting your company today so that
you can be productive and profitable tomorrow. Without a reliable cyber security solution,
your business could be vulnerable to an attack that would result in the loss of:

  • Confidential client data
  • Productivity
  • Customer confidence
  • Reputation
Cyber Security Services in Santa Cruz

No one wants to endure the consequences of an intrusion by cyber criminals, but many businesses neglect to partner with a professional company such as Cooper Technologies, Inc. to keep that from happening. Our experienced and compassionate team of cyber security engineers will work closely with you to give your company:

  • The right mix of hardware and software solutions
  • Industry-leading antivirus, antispam, and antimalware
  • Email encryption
  • Secure file sharing
  • Mobile security solutions

Keep your employees and business safe online!
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