Yes, Affordable, Dedicated Computer Support Does Exist

Not all IT management services are created equal. Likewise, not all IT support teams can give you a full range of services that covers all your data network bases. And it is the very few that can provide the whole gamut of IT services and not break your bottom line doing it. Even fewer are the IT specialists who can provide all that, plus be the mavens of computer support Monterey CA businesses have come to rely on. Our expertise extends to covering multiple industries, and managed IT services that make sure data centers are as secure as Fort Knox, our clients enjoying state-of-the art security, cloud backup, and data recovery and business continuity solutions that work.

Backup and Recovery Strategies

Our custom-designed IT networks include backup and recovery plans that are beta-tested, implemented, and checked time and again so that in the case of a data breach or other disaster your valuable files are recoverable. As computer consultants Monterey business entities trust, we believe disaster prevention is the best rule of thumb, and that mitigating risk to the point of elimination is far better than emergency “damage control,” if it should strike.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated IT professionals serving Central and Northern California businesses just like yours that depend on being able to do business both on and off the Web. Offering you full-service support as an ad hoc business partner means absolute honesty and 100% transparency with you in terms of how we do business. That’s why our core clientele trusts our combination of expertise and personalized, one-to-one support. We are Cooper Technologies, and we specialize in providing solution-driven IT support, specializing in the Education, Healthcare (think HIPAA compliance), Government, and Corporate arenas of the business world.

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Are you in need of computer services Monterey can count on to be reliable and affordable? Cooper Technologies is the leader in providing managed IT services in Monterey, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz.  If you have any concerns about computer security or other network vulnerabilities, contact our expert IT staff at (toll free) (855) 303-5378 or send us an email at, and we will be happy to answer any and all your questions.

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