Do you know what’s an IT emergency and what’s not?

The emergency line at Cooper is 24/7. Within four hours, often much less than that, like within 30 minutes, someone will get back to you.

There’s also the general line at Cooper. It’s open when the offices are open, and if you have to leave a message in off hours, they’ll get back to you the next business day. They like to get back to problems within a day – at least to talk to you about the issue, if not getting in there and fixing it up. Some issues may take more time than others to resolve, and it may feel like an emergency, but it takes a company wide problem to be a real emergency.

So here’s a test to see if you know what’s an IT emergency and what’s not.


My computer isn’t working. I should call the emergency

Is anyone else’s computer down?

No, just me.

It’s not an emergency.

But I’m very important.

It must be very frustrating, but it’s not an emergency.

Are you sure?



I can’t get my work email on my smart phone.

Not an emergency.

But I need my work emails on my phone.

I’m sure that’s true, but it’s not an emergency.


My computer’s running really slowly and I want it to run much faster.

It’s not an emergency.

But I’m very important and I want things to work faster.

We can work on it, but it’s not an emergency.


My computer wasn’t working, and I checked with others, and they can’t get access to anything either. Everything’s stopped.

Yes, that’s an emergency. Call the emergency line!

If it is a company wide issue, that’s an emergency. If you are having business interruptions, that’s an emergency. If it’s an inconvenience or something that impacts just one person, that’s not an emergency.

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