Don’t be held hostage by an employee: Take control

Paul has been working on a database project that will have an impact on the rest of the company. Hours upon hours of work put into it, and one day, his workstation has died. One of two things could happen to this project.

One – that was it for the entire project and it has to be started again from scratch.

Two – it was stored in a central repository (like the cloud or a server), and her individual workstation going down doesn’t mean everything has been lost.

Which sounds better to you?

Now let’s move six months ahead and Jack, another employee is balking at some IT changes that you’re putting in place. You’re requiring him to use the company’s workstations that link up to the central repository and are linked up with the managed services with your IT setup – things will get backed up and monitored automatically. Jack doesn’t want to.

Jack has done things his way for quite some time now, thank you very much, so he’ll continue to use his own workstation and keep doing things his way.

You shrug, what could it really matter if Jack goes rogue? He’s been a good worker, and so what if he doesn’t want to change? How does this really impact your business?

Think back to the situation with Paul. Jack’s laptop gets stolen, breaks, gets hijacked – all the company files and work he’s been doing will be lost.

And what happens when you need to update software and then Jack’s files aren’t compatible with other employees?

You have a couple dozen people working for you, and multiple people work on multiple documents and files.

To help keep things streamlined and efficient, you have your electronic assets isolated from an individual workstation. You want to, and should, protect your company’s assets.

Fight the small battle with Paul to win the larger war of keeping your company’s data safe and secure. Take control.

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