Cooper Technologies, Inc. the Technology You Need Today to Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders!

There is little in our economy and in our country that is as important as educating the next generation to participate on a global scale. For years now, Cooper Technologies, Inc. has been deeply invested in partnering with educational facilities like yours to equip them with the hardware, software, and cyber-security solutions their demanding task requires.

Why schools – and school administrators – like us!

  • We take the work and stress out of your operational technology.
  • We construct a safe and secure I.T. environment for your student WIFI.
  • We examine your workflow and exploit opportunities to use technology to make your lives easier.
  • We ensure that you aren’t working with outdated or inferior hardware.
  • We give you 99.999% uptime – no more frustration over continual I.T. crashes.
  • We do it all for a manageable and easily-budgeted monthly fee.

Do you need Cooper Technologies, Inc.? Answer these questions!

  • Is your school board considering an I.T. change or an upgrade?
  • Are you thinking about building a new school or doing a major renovation?
  • Is your current I.T. system not giving you the results you are seeking?
  • Does your current I.T. support staff have the skill set to take you to the next stage?

The decisions you make today surrounding your school’s I.T. will impact the education of an entire generation of children, teens, and young adults in our community. Cooper Technologies, Inc. has made educational technology support our mission, and we know what it takes to deliver the services you need at the price point that your budgets can handle.

A Cooper Technologies, Inc. team member would be glad to talk to you about your specific educational technology needs. Contact us today at (855) 303-5378 or