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Do need help understanding and navigating educational software and classroom technology? Are you seeking to make the most of your educational resources, such as Learning Management System (LMS) software and other learning platforms for K-12 education and college-level online classrooms? If so, you should consider our educational technology solutions, which cover basic to advanced-level features of everything mentioned and more.

Our team of highly-trained software and technology experts will work closely with you to set you up with the basics, and provide ongoing guidance through an IT consultancy that makes getting the educational tech support you need both easy and rapid-response when you have questions.

The importance of technology in education is high, mainly because of the facts and statistics that prove, year after year, the efficacy of and need for interactive learning technology in classrooms. Student management software, or educational management software, gives educators a huge leg up when dealing with a) large numbers of students and their assignments and syllabuses, and b) managing private, personally-identifiable information (PII) in some cases.

As you likely are aware, the education sector is one of the areas covered by certain compliance provisions that safeguard student PII. We can help you safeguard your online learning management system with solid network security, and also help you in the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

Our classroom technology solutions assist you the instructor in being able to better deliver material to your students, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping.

Our IT support for schools and teachers can be supplemented with voice and telephony solutions, managed IT services, the most up-to-date cloud computing solutions available, and iron-clad cyber security measures to mitigate data breach risk and keep you connected and safeguarded in a very “2017” kind of way.

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