Where Can I Find a Fortinet Firewall in Santa Cruz?

Finding a Fortinet firewall in Santa Cruz is simple – it’s as easy as talking to your local Fortinet Partner, Cooper Technologies.

It’s no secret that today’s technology-driven business marketplace needs serious cybersecurity in order to keep your business’ doors open. The number of cyber threats businesses of all sizes face is continuing to rise, with ugly consequences for those who don’t step up and take the necessary precautions to fend off a cyber attack.

But what’s just as important as having great cybersecurity measures in place is having technology that is responsive, agile, and innovative. Advancements like cloud-based technologies have had a dramatic impact on the ways businesses operate, but they’ve also created new security challenges. Finding a security solution that does everything you need it to do without causing one aspect of your technology infrastructure to get in the way of the other is critical.

There’s no disputing the need for a next-generation firewall solution, regardless of the size or specialty of your business. Cyber threats change and evolve too quickly not to have the added capabilities of the latest security technology working to protect your mission-critical data and applications. Fortinet specializes in next-gen firewall technology that offers high-performance, end-to-end protection for your business’ entire network.

This advanced and comprehensive protection grants your business the ability to stave off threats like ransomware, malicious botnets, zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities, spyware, and malware. While any of these cyber threats can cause serious damage to your business’ financial well-being and reputation, ransomware, in particular, is a threat you want to avoid at all costs. The threat detection capabilities offered by a next-gen firewall are a security asset you really don’t want to go without.

The ability to effectively monitor online traffic to detect and block malicious content gives your business a huge security advantage, especially with more and more of an average business’ daily tasks relying on online resources to complete.

The Cooper Technologies’ team takes pride in being the IT provider of choice for area businesses, and we’re equally proud to be the answer for businesses looking to find a Fortinet firewall in Santa Cruz. Fortinet’s range of award winning IT security solutions have something to offer every business, and for those in the market for their sought after next-gen firewalls, Cooper Technologies is happy to provide.

Our team of IT security and Fortinet solutions experts can evaluate your current IT infrastructure, determine the solutions best suited to your business, and implement and maintain those solutions – including next-gen firewall technology. Patches, updates, and new virus definitions are a crucial component of any advanced IT security system, and ensuring that those vital items are installed in a timely fashion needs to be a top priority for your business. Making sure that happens is part of the complete IT security service Cooper Technologies offers to businesses who choose to work with us in order to put Fortinet technology to work for them.

But why Fortinet in particular? Aside from their reputation as one of the best in the business, Fortinet’s line of next-gen firewalls is expansive, guaranteeing that your business will be able to find the exact level of protection you need without having to make compromises where performance is concerned.

Some of the available options include:

  • FortiGate High-End Firewalls
  • FortiGate Mid-Range Firewalls
  • FortiGate Entry-Level Firewalls

Whatever the size of your business and accompanying IT environment, there is a Fortinet firewall readily available to suit your exact specifications. The Cooper Technologies team can help you find the right fit, and ensure that your new Fortinet firewall is setup to the exact right specifications. No need to worry about your security measures interfering with other important aspects of your systems and network such as remote access or file sharing, or critical vulnerabilities being overlooked.

Our experts can offer the time and attention needed to not only make sure your security measures are installed and configured correctly the first time but continue to provide supervision and support to keep your firewall technology working the way you need it to.

The option to deploy Fortinet firewall technology as both an external precaution and an internal protection is just one of the many advantages to trusting your business’ security to a next-gen solution. An internal firewall works to create segments within your network to help increase threat visibility and make controlling the spread of threats within your network easier and more effective. The ability to catch and contain a threat on the initial infected system and stop it from reaching other systems or servers on the same network can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to eradicate that threat.

A contained infection is less able to create widespread downtime and productivity loss and can protect critical business data from being corrupted or stolen. That alone makes a next-gen Fortinet firewall worth investing in.

If you’re looking for the best Fortinet firewall support in Santa Cruz, we’d love to talk to you today. The skilled and reliable Cooper Technologies team is eager to answer your IT security questions and back them up with real results. Get in touch with us at info@coopertech.net or (855) 303-5378 get started right away.

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