Where Can I Find Fortinet Support in Santa Cruz?

Finding Fortinet support in Santa Cruz is as simple as talking to the right IT support provider.

Fortinet has a well-earned reputation as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. As a result, they are the top choice of many businesses where network and data security are concerned. Their range of security solutions covers your business’ technology infrastructure end-to-end, protecting your systems and data from today’s growing number of cyber threats.

A quick glance at Fortinet’s website will show you exactly what they have to offer, with their list of available solutions including products and services such as:

  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Security
  • AWS/Azure Security
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Identity and Access Management

Fortinet’s innovative approach to IT security solutions ensures that whatever type of solution your business is in need of is readily available. However, with so much to consider, deciding which solution or solutions are the right fit for your business can be a challenge.

Even the most tech savvy business owners struggle with understanding the full scope of their IT security needs simply because advancements in technology and in the threats that target that technology are constantly evolving. Once you have solutions in place, monitoring and maintaining a solid cyber security plan is a full-time job. It’s for that reason Cooper Technologies offers cyber security as its own service package. Having a team of knowledgeable professionals taking care of your security solutions is the best way to make sure that your business is fully protected.

But if Fortinet offers the solutions you need, then why not simply deal directly with them? The short answer is that unlike products such as Adobe that just require you to buy a license, install the program, and remember to let available updates install periodically, your security solutions need constant attention. Fortinet is an industry-leading security solutions vendor, and that is where their services begin and end.

Instead, Fortinet partners with top notch Managed Service Providers to handle the sale, installation, and ongoing maintenance of their various solutions. Managed Services Providers like Cooper Technologies, who strive to offer the very best IT security and IT support services possible to Santa Cruz businesses. So finding Fortinet support in Santa Cruz is as easy as coming to us.

The rising danger that cybercrime poses to businesses of all sizes has made focusing on cybersecurity a top priority for internal IT departments and IT support providers alike. The right support paired with the right solutions can keep your business from becoming yet another cybercrime statistic. They can also protect your business from the potentially irreparable damage caused by the lost productivity and lost profits that result from a cyber attack, and the financial and reputational consequences of a data breach.

Solutions such as endpoint protection and next-generation firewalls from Fortinet can secure your mission-critical data against threats like ransomware – a vicious form of malware that has been wreaking havoc on businesses worldwide with increasing regularity. Avoiding this particular threat is especially critical for Government Agencies, Police Departments, Fire Departments, and EMS Services, as ransomware has the potential to disrupt every aspect of your operations and compromise sensitive data.

As a Fortinet Partner, Cooper Technologies is able to offer Santa Cruz businesses their complete range of IT security solutions, as well as provide ongoing guidance and support to clients who rely on these solutions. Our team of security experts can evaluate your business’ current IT environment, determine the types of IT security solutions your business would benefit from most, and create a security infrastructure that is tailored to your unique business.

Whether you’re in need of solutions that help to facilitate secure remote access to cloud-based assets for your mobile workforce, need to segregate your internal wireless network from your external guest user wireless network, or are looking to build a new IT infrastructure entirely from scratch, Cooper Technologies can help make that happen. You won’t find a better source of Fortinet support anywhere else in Santa Cruz.

When dealing with a Fortinet provider that lacks the needed first-hand experience with cloud technology and the general technology needs of a smaller business, the solutions brought in to shore up security can sometimes wind up getting in the way of day-to-day functionality. If your staff suddenly finds that new security measures are keeping them from accessing needed data or applications remotely or from a particular workstation, this can cause major problems. While the issue can be corrected, the time it takes to go back and re-evaluate and change settings or permissions is the time your staff is losing. Tasks can’t be completed, customer needs go unmet, productivity lags, and projects fall behind schedule.

Having the right support guiding your Fortinet solutions from beginning to end can make all of the difference for your Santa Cruz business.

If you’re looking for the best Fortinet support in Santa Cruz, we’d love to talk to you today. The skilled and reliable Cooper Technologies team is eager to answer your IT security questions and back them up with real results. Get in touch with us at info@coopertech.net or (855) 303-5378 get started right away.

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