Get your ducks in a row: New hires and IT

Harriet walks in for an interview. She has an impeccable resume, all the right answers to the interview questions, and you have high hopes as you start expanding your business. You shake her hand as she leaves the interview. “We’ll be in touch soon,” you say. You confirm with your business partner, yep, she’s the one you’re going to hire.

Her first day, she walks in. “Where should I sit?” she asks. You point her to an empty desk with a computer that you think should probably be working. “What’s my log-in? Do I have an email address?” She looks up at you from her new office chair, you’d remembered to get a new office chair, but the IT stuff had completely slipped your mind.

“Just wait a sec,” and you scramble to the phone to call someone, anyone, who can get her started right away. Meanwhile, Harriet gets to relax with a cup of coffee and get paid to do nothing while you try and get her workstation ready to go.

It’s easy to take computer access for granted. It becomes so familiar and such second nature that you forget about it. While this is good in many ways, what’s working stays working without you having to worry about it, it is something that needs to be taken care of with new hires.

What do you want this person to be able to access in your company? All the payroll records? All the client details? Or only certain things? What virus protection is on their new computer? How will they log in? How will they access email? What software will they need and have? Does the computer you have for them have the power to run the programs they’ll need to use? Will they have a private phone extension? Can your current system accommodate another workstation?

When you set someone up for payroll and benefits, remember to get their workstation and IT access setup going. A quick call or email to the IT company before the new hire’s first day, and you can get everything ready – user accounts, passwords, security access.ducks

A bit of pre-planning and a heads up to your IT company will mean there’s no downtime and all new hires can get right to work.

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