Comparing Notes: Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 is a Battle of Compelling Utility and Features

With Google having tried for years to get businesses to abandon Microsoft Office in favor of what it now calls G Suite, the collaboration-oriented trio of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, plus companion apps Gmail and Drive has been enticing for some. Microsoft has long been the productivity standard-bearer, with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, supplemented by Outlook and most recently OneDrive among their prime movers in the Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 battle.

Let’s break-down the salient points of that Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 battle right now, shall we?

Price, Availability, and Utility

G Suite – formerly known as Google Apps for Work – promises a very low price for businesses, availability anywhere via web browsers, and of course its standard-setting collaboration tools. But can you really base your business on G Suite? You’ll want to have that question answered prior to making it your office standard for productivity.

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most used Office applications, and much of its usefulness comes from the formulas for calculating different data that go into creating relevant reports. For those who have been using Excel since the Stone Age computer era, the prized Excel formulas come naturally, as people are creatures of habit.

The problems occur when the most recent users of spreadsheets attempt to learn the ancient language of Excel formulas. And, G Suite thought of them before anyone else. In order to make this task easier, the Google spreadsheets can employ formulas typed in natural language in an answer box on the top right corner of the sheet. This magic potentially solves all the calculations, so no need to remember those endless formulas, while making sure brackets are not missed at all.

Conversely, Office 365 tries to align its software to the generic public, while also improving the formulas for the Excel aficionados.

As a power user, one can always create a perfect nested formula for the most specific reports. In early 2016, Microsoft announced six more Excel functions that received exceptional feedback from the niche. However, as the times require adapting, the program also improved the main functions to make it more intuitive for the generic audience.

Exploring Improved End-User Experience

We can trust that anything coming from Google generally has the same purpose of improved, high-end user experience, and G Suite presents us with constant ways to improve its usability and user experience.

That’s why in constantly addressing a larger audience, Google Docs now has an Explore feature, which works like an embedded search in the document, suggesting related topics or images and even pointing to other Docs in your drive. The feature is not only welcome, but it also helps create a better connection across platforms.

Score another mark for G Suite in the Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 contest.

“We know that it’s helpful to refer to other content when writing an analysis, summary or proposal. That’s why we’ve also made it easy to find a related document from Drive or search Google, right in Explore. Less time spent switching between apps more time to polish your ideas” reads an excerpt from the Google Docs blog.

At the same time, Office Word 365 has positioned itself as a generic writing program whose core functions have been used by historically more users. Office 365 lacks the References and Mailings, though, and if a user has a specific editing needs, their options with it are not the best.

However, compared to the Docs counterpart, it has similar functionalities. It is, in the end, a matter of perspective: compared to the classic Office Word, Office Online has mere basic functionalities, Google Docs doesn’t seem to offer a lot more, either.

In the Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 fight, Google is the clear winner when it comes to Spreadsheets, however. But the king of documents remains Office for one simple reason: the pretty interface that helps you create eye-pleasing documents, however basic in nature.

The Google Slides’ selling point is clearly the layout suggestion of the explore features, with the promise to “make your content shine.”

“We’ve seen that people save over 30 percent of the time they would have spent on formatting when they use Explore. So even if the design isn’t your style, rest assured you’ll have a beautiful presentation to be proud of. Instantly,” Google Docs says.

Office focused on something visual, rather than pragmatic. With its Zoom feature allowing users to create non-linear presentations, PowerPoint, as it has been known, has started to look like an improved Pro: always there to help users be astonishing. And, with its new app launcher, Office is really going places.

Truth is, there is no clear winner in the Google G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 battle, and depending on what a user is looking for in terms of reliability, design or saving some time, productivity solutions will differ. The good news is that there seems to be a fix between them for any office issues.

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