We’re Also Trusted Government IT Consulting Specialists

In addition to the plethora of IT services we offer, we are also IT consultants for government organizations of all kinds in California. As dedicated government IT consulting specialists, we’ve been trusted advisors to California state, local, and municipal government organizations who need complete IT solutions, including:

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire
  • Medical first responders, and
  • Other emergency services

We’re Government IT Consultants Who Care

Our government IT consulting protocol includes Hardware as a Service (HaaS), cloud services, and telephone services like VoIP, those being three of the most prominent and popular service offerings we purvey.  We realize perhaps better than any Santa Cruz IT company the importance of government infrastructure being network-optimized and up to speed. Because, we’re all in this together, and if one 911 call fails to get through, we’re all at risk of substandard emergency services. It’s one of our biggest goals – to remedy lackluster networks and legacy systems that can no longer handle the load that’s required of them in 2016 and beyond.

IT consulting for government agencies requires a certain specialization and realization of the specific requirements that law enforcement, fire and first responders, and other emergency and medical services have. We make sure that your wires aren’t crossed, your channels are open and clear, and your IT networks perform to an optimum degree – and we keep you there.

Look no further than Cooper Technologies for the government IT services you require to bring medical, fire, and police assistance to the community. No more will state, local, or municipal agencies suffer flaws in their computer and communications networks with our collective expertise on the job and complete IT solutions on offer.

Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Francisco Government IT Consulting

Don’t hesitate to call upon Cooper Technologies for all your government IT consulting needs. We handle all California government organizations with full-spectrum IT services that maximize your connectivity and network performance. Contact us by phone at (855) 303-5378, or email us at info@coopertechnologies.net for more information.

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