Have you heard of Google Fi?

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.10.05 PMYou’ll find us giving you ideas and tips about hiring and working with your IT company. But sometimes we’re here to tell you about some fantastic things happening in the tech world that could benefit you not just as a business owner/employee but as a person.

Today, that thing is Google Fi.

Have you heard of Google Fi? We like it – here’s why (that wasn’t supposed to rhyme, but happy coincidences happen).

Think of your cell phone. Or likely a better way to describe it would be to think of your smart phone. How many people really have solely the cell phone to make emergency calls? I can think of very few people.

Your smart phone. It’s with you pretty much all the time. You conduct business with it. You conduct life with it. And for that, you pay, likely, a fairly hefty monthly charge that you’re locked into for a year or more. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Started early this year, Google Fi is a cell phone service. If you get a Google phone (Nexus 5x or 6p), you can get unlimited voice and text service for $20 and a data plan for $10 per gig.

You get billed solely for what you spend as compared to being locked into a specific rate no matter what you use that month.

It also shows you where you can get free wireless access – you can get a signal off of public hotspots via Comcast and XFINITY.

It goes wireless when it can and otherwise goes over cell service, and in this area, that service is via Sprint and T-Mobile towers.

Your plan can be changed at anytime and you can keep your number.

It’s something to think about. Get more information here.

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