Have your own superhero: 4 reasons to have IT monitoring

When Superman stops a meteor from hitting the earth, the people of the world have no idea that they narrowly missed annihilation. When you set up IT monitoring, you basically get a Superman to watch over your system so you can go about your daily life not having to worry about whether your system is getting hit with a virus or is failing. Someone will be taking care of it for you.

4 reasons to have IT monitoring services:Superhero

1. Avoids risk. Workstations or servers can be monitored remotely by people who know what to look for in terms of problems or issues.

If Joe Genius clicks on a link that he shouldn’t and something gets onto your system, they’ll know and be able to go in and fix it. If bad software goes in, they know that, and they can approve it or blacklist it if it will cause problems for your system.

2. Avoids downtime. Monitoring happens in real time. Alerts get sent to the phones of the IT staff. So, for example, if your ISP goes down, they’ll know and can figure out what the issue is.

If it’s a problem they can’t fix remotely, they’ll call you and let you know that something is going on. Problems will get caught and dealt with in real time.

3. Keeps information safe. Backups can be monitored with email logs sent in. If something isn’t being saved the way it should be, there will be an alert notification. IT can go in and intervene and take care of things.

4. Cut out guesswork on when to replace hardware. The health of your hard disks can be monitored. When they send out an alert, “I’m not feeling so good,” to “I’m dying over here!” someone will hear it and know what to do. The hard drives can still function for a bit, but they will need to be replaced, and you won’t have to guess how long they’ll hold out.

Bottom line, monitoring services mean efficiency and stability for your system. Problems are fixed before you even notice them. Superman can come to the rescue, and the citizens of Metropolis stay safe and happy.

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