How can one click cost your company thousands of dollars?

You’ve set up your office’s workstations; all 100 of them are ready to go. Anti-virus and spam filters are recommended by your friendly neighborhood IT consulting and service company, but you figure you can handle that. Each employee can just download a free anti-virus program to his/her computer, and it’ll be fine. And it is fine. Until it isn’t. And once your reputation on the web is tarnished, it’s hard to get clean.

Here’s what happens. Steve arrives to work, gets his coffee, settles in at his desk. He logs into his company email with his password (which happens to be password1234) and clicks on an email link. Steve finishes his coffee and goes about his morning; email and internet starts slowing down company wide. Employees begin to get paid to sit around and wonder why they can’t send emails or get work done.

With the click of that link, Steve unleashed a mess that would take months to clean up. The thousands upon thousands of emails the spammer was sending out began filling up the hard drives. By the next day, the company emails couldn’t get in or out. With no effective spam filters, the company’s entire email system went from slow to shutdown within 24 hours.

Clients can’t get updates or information, colleagues can’t communicate with each other, no work is getting done, and your company doesn’t look like they know what they’re doing. Every company has a Steve (or two) and every company needs to have working filters and anti-virus protection with someone who knows how to run them. Or someday, you’re likely to be left scrambling to get your business working again.

The backup cleanup is monumental with two to three days of manpower to pay for. And at the very least, all emails sent that day have to be resent, and you’ll be stuck playing catch up. Your company will have to be removed from blacklists, and emails may keep bouncing back for months as other companies don’t recognize your emails as safe anymore.

Turns out, this is just one problem that could come from not having spam filters and anti-virus. Clicking a rogue email link could set loose a virus on your network, which means could literally be lost and data corrupted. Much easier to have anti-virus and spam filters in place instead of hoping that files can be recovered.

There’s enough to worry about in your business without having to worry about checking up on every employees computers and passwords and knowledge of phishing scams. Let the work get done for you before disaster strikes.

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