How the philosophy of Plato applies to your business

If you took Philosophy 101 or Classics your freshmen year of college, you may have yawned your way through discussions about Socrates and Descartes.

But it turns out that one of those ancient philosophers had some ideas about your business. Seem far-fetched? Well, bear with me while I explain.

Loosely speaking (and apologies to Plato and philosophy majors everywhere), in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” people are stuck in a cave watching shadows on a wall. They come to think that the shadows are the only reality. But then one prisoner is allowed out – and the bright light hurts his eyes, and all that he knew about the world has changed – that there’s more to life than just shadows. The prisoner can run back inside to what he knows, the pale imitation of the richness of life, or he can stay in the light.PlatosCave

Letting someone else manage the big IT projects and maintaining all the workstations and behind the scenes IT work at your company is you staying in the light.

The life of the shadows – of you having to cobble things together on your own and spending all of your time making sure the workstations are up to date – that can be and continue to be your reality.

Or you can stay in the sun, and let your eyes adjust – get used to having a managed IT system with a set budget and outsiders coming in to do work for you. And once you’ve become accustomed to the light, you won’t be able to imagine going back into the cave.

Which sounds like the smarter choice? Being stuck in a cave looking at shadows? Or living life in the sunlight? The answer seems so obvious.

Cooper can help you make the adjustment from chained up in a cave, thinking that things can’t get any better, to standing in the sun and being amazed at the difference.

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