How you’re getting screwed over with your telecom bill

When the iPhone first came out, there was internet outrage over the length of the bills, with one customer getting a 300-page bill. Everything was itemized and so detailed that with the volume of information, you wouldn’t ever take the time to go through the bill to make sure all the charges that were there were charges that should be there.

When’s the last time you looked at your telecommunications bill for your business besides looking at the total dollar amount? Are you taking whoever you’ve hired to set up your phone lines and internet lines at their word that you’re getting the best price? It’s easier to assume that they’re helping you, it’s easier to pay the bill without going through it.

[pullquote]Easier doesn’t mean smart. Easier doesn’t mean better.[/pullquote]

If you have more than 10 people in your company and especially if you have more than one office, it’s about a 90% likelihood that you’re paying too much. Circuits or lines you don’t need. Stuff you bought 10 years ago that you’re still paying for that doesn’t do anything.

Entire companies have been formed around auditing telecommunications bills to look out for fraud or for ways to save clients money. Think of that – an entire business devoted specifically to telecommunications bills.

Let’s say that it’s an extra $200 a month that you’re paying for services you don’t actually need or use, but you have no idea that you’re not using it. If it’s there, and you’re paying for it, you probably need it. And you have better things to do with your time than go line by line through your bill.

So that’s $200 a month for a year, that’s $2,400. For ten years, that’s $24,000. For that, you could get new servers, new workstations, heck, with that much, you could buy a new car.

Know what you have, know what you need, and don’t overbuy. Unless you like handing out money for no good reason to a company who thinks you’re too stupid to do anything about it. The companies do this on purpose. It’s not in their best interest to get you the best deal. count on it, and it’s time that you stopped letting it be OK.

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