If the worst happens, are you ready?

Marjory makes the schedule, and she has the schedule set and organized from her workstation. She’s the go-between for your clients and your employees. She has access to all the files and all the programs. Marjory is the gatekeeper for just about everything that makes your business the well-running, smoothly oiled machine that it is.

Justin is a hardworking employee. He does what Marjory’s scheduled him to do. He’s on time. He brings potato salad to company potluck events. He’s no Marjory, but he’s a good worker.

Marjory’s workstation goes down one day.

Justin’s workstation goes down one day.

Which one are you more worried about?


Marjory has critical job functions, and when her workstation goes down, it will have a negative impact on your business. She needs to have a way to get work done if her workstation goes down. Typically, people in key roles should have a laptop and a desktop.

Justin’s important, but let’s not pretend that he’s at the same level as Marjory. His workstation goes down, the company keeps running. Marjory’s goes down and no one can get things done.

Arm the key employees with the best tools to keep your business running. Do you have a spare computer or laptop that they can migrate to quickly that will give them the same access? You need to be able to access critical business information from more than one place.

Beyond the tragedy of Marjory’s computer going down, what if, heaven forbid, something else happens? What’s the bigger picture for disaster preparedness?


If you have a cloud-based service, you can access things from anywhere. If you have things just on a local setup, that’s a different story. What will you do if something horrible happens – flood, fire, famine?

Does IT have a backup server they can use to download a backup from the cloud and get things restored? Is there a plan in place that you know will work to handle everything from one key workstation going down to your full system?

Figure out the critical functions and key players in your office, and make sure that you know that if something bad happens, you’ll be able to come out the other side quickly and efficiently. Once the plan is made, you’ll have it. It will be there when the time comes. It’s not like it’s something you have to continually work on or think about; get the plan in place, and rest easy knowing that if the worst happens, you’re prepared.


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