Few sectors have been as impacted by the explosive growth of technology as education. Advanced learning technologies, BYOD initiatives and connected teaching models are just a few of the innovations changing the technological landscape of education.

Institutions across the board are looking for ways upgrade infrastructure and expand bandwidth to meet growing academic demands. Cooper Technologies has helped scores of administrators, educators and IT professionals transition their technology systems while controlling costs.

Cooper Technologies owner Aaron McDonald began his career working as a senior system administrator in the education sector. This personal experience crafting technology solutions in an educational setting helped Aaron shape the company’s focus and direction.

At Cooper Technologies, we are proud to offer exceptional IT solutions to public and private schools and school districts through project management, network audits and build-outs, virtualization, managed services and backups. We are comfortable navigating the corporate structure and political landscape of the academic system and engaging key stakeholders through project presentations to executive teams, school boards and the public.

Meeting today’s demands and planning for tomorrow

Serving as an outsourced CIO, the Cooper Technologies team can help with consultation, planning and project management to get organizations up to speed and ready for future transitions. We understand that the most important thing we can do is listen to you to find out exactly what your needs are. We’re not interested in selling you unnecessary hardware, software or services. We will help you discover cost-effective strategies that keep your budget on track and get you where you need to be to meet your institutional goals.

We’re also really crazy about documentation. Mapping and recording systems and resources can take a lot of time, and in many organizations it just doesn’t happen. When something goes wrong and there’s no accurate or up-to-date system documentation, a small issue can escalate into a major problem. We can develop a complete system overview that gives current and future technology support personnel a roadmap that can lead to long term cost-savings and increased efficiency.

We have a roster of satisfied clients in the education sector who can tell you how we’ve helped them deal with their technology challenges. We are happy to put you in touch with them. If you have a technology issue and you want an honest assessment and straightforward recommendations, contact us today and we’ll help you move your organization to the top of the class.

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