Public sector IT services demand the highest level of trust, reliability and efficiency. Cooper Technologies takes pride in the planning, implementation and management of government technology services.

Issues such as financial constraints, time pressures and personnel changes often have a huge impact on technology projects in government agencies and departments. With resources stretched thin, it can be nearly impossible for IT service administrators to plan and implement large projects or manage complex network systems while managing the day to day needs of a large organization. That’s where we come in. We provide support to local and state government clients, allowing internal personnel to focus on core competencies.

How we can help

Project management: We will collaborate with your in-house team to develop a game plan that evaluates risk, change management issues and schedules. We provide project support as needed, including drafting a blue print incorporating best practices and industry standards. Once approved, we can execute the project or help with procurement, vendor management or any other task needed to support project implementation. We’re available to test operations and make sure there is a working plan in place for future maintenance and upgrades.

Network Design and Management: If you’re looking to move to a virtualized system or planning for upgrades or new applications that will impact your infrastructure and server capabilities, we provide a wide variety of outsourced networking solutions that help you save time and money. We’ve worked with government agencies to create systems that are easy to update and flexible enough to meet varied end-user needs.

Documentation: Mapping and recording systems and resources can take a lot of time, and in many cases it just doesn’t happen. Personnel changes over time mean that records aren’t always up to date or are non-existent. When something goes wrong and there’s no accurate system documentation, a small issue can escalate into a major problem. We can develop a complete system overview that gives current and future technology support personnel a roadmap to follow. Creating a basic run book ensures that system history and structure won’t live and die with one person.

We’re no strangers to navigating political landscapes and nuanced bureaucracy and our experience in presenting project overviews includes a wide variety of audiences, from end-users to stakeholders to elected officials and constituents. And we won’t walk away from a project just because we’ve clocked a certain number of hours. We will make sure that you are satisfied with end product, and we’ll stay on it until you get the result you want. Let us show you how we can help increase efficiency, improve performance and achieve a long term reduction in your IT costs.

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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