Technology reliability in a healthcare setting is not optional. Cooper Technologies offers an array of solutions that can optimize equipment and processes to enhance the delivery of quality care. We’ve worked with clients in clinical and research settings to upgrade electronic recordkeeping, secure data and support device operations. We offer flexible and scalable options that meet best practice guidelines and help address regulatory demands. Below are just some of the ways we can address your IT needs and expand operational productivity. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your unique situation and offer tailored recommendations.

How we can help streamline systems and improve outcomes

Managed Services Plans: A managed service plan gives you the security of real-time monitoring and management of your organization’s network, hardware, software, and internet connections. We can make sure that your servers, workstations, backups and overall hard drive and system health are in top condition. If something comes up, we’re on it. With a managed service plan, you’ll know your costs up front. Not only can you plan your upcoming budget, but we’ll give you realistic advice on what to expect in the way of future hardware and software costs. Managed Services Plans are tailored to fit your individual technology requirements. You can choose from our Proactive Server Maintenance, Proactive Workstation Maintenance and Premium Plans.

Network Design and Management: If you’re looking to move to a virtualized system or planning for upgrades or new applications that will impact your infrastructure and server capabilities, we offer a wide variety of outsourced networking solutions that help you save time and money. We’ll work with you to a create system that’s strong and flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

Backup and Recovery: It goes without saying that a dependable backup and recovery systems in a healthcare setting is absolutely necessary to protect against data loss, disclosure or corruption. We can develop a consolidated solution that covers all of your system components. Cost is determined by the number of workstations, servers, software, amount of data and configuration. Planning is guided by best practices and focuses on how to maximize your ROI and protect your valuable assets.

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