Is your IT better than the Pentagon?

Do you remember floppy disks? Those plastic squares that from the mid 1970s held your hopes and dreams in increments of hundreds of kB.

It’s the little icon that still represents Save on a number of applications, though many of millennial users may have never actually heard that grind/clunk sound of a floppy disk at work.Floppy_disk_300_dpi

And as it happens, floppy disks are what the Government Accountability Office has found that the Pentagon uses to coordinate America’s nuclear forces.

Floppy disks. Nuclear arsenal. Let that sink in.

On a positive note for feelings of national security, the Pentagon is planning to update its systems by the end of 2017.

On a positive note for feelings of business security, if you’re working with any systems beyond floppy disks, you’re working at a higher level of technology than the Pentagon.

But while it’s easy to point fingers and laugh at the outdated technology of others, think about your own systems. You may not be relying on floppy disks, but what are you relying on? Do you know your backup system actually works? Do you know if your information is actually protected?

Take moments like this, when IT makes the news, as a reminder that you need to know that your IT is in good hands.

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