IT Services in the Education Industry

Education is gaining innovation from the advancements of technology. Now, IT Services are now offered in the education industry to boost the backend capabilities of the different sectors involved in academically honing young minds.


The convergence of education and IT is dynamically evolving as both play an important role in changing the way students learn. True enough, IT services can aid in this evolution via reducing complexities and delivering top student support.


Our team offers exceptional Education IT solutions through network audits and build-outs, project management, server virtualizations, service management and even backups.


The Cooper Technologies IT Services San Jose Team assists in project managements in the education industry to enable sectors to effectively manage and prioritize projects and resources across their respective institutions. Never worry again with your inventories— our network audit services can manage and keep tabs of all your hardware and software inventories, specifications, and even security audits.


The most celebrated IT service of all is server virtualization. Before, physical servers were the best in league for servers. Now, virtualization has posed numerous and insurmountable assets against the use of physical servers. Education sectors can tremendously enjoy server virtualization benefits such as follows:


  • Reduce costs for maintenance of physical servers
  • Operational efficiency
  • School administration is simplified and standardized throughout the campus
  • Going green as it reduces the carbon footprint through less consumption of electricity and less units to dispose


Those are just some of the benefits of server virtualization. Enabling your institution for virtualization wouldn’t just simplify data processing across different levels; it can also protect your data from harm. Virtual servers are more stable than that of their physical counterparts. All the data are found in a secure data center, not in the hardware elements of the desktop.


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