Net neutrality gets a win!

In 2015, after 3.5 million+ comments from the public, it was decided that the FCC would regulate the internet – the issues of net neutrality. A big part of that was in terms of banning paid prioritization and looking at the internet as a comm. You can read more about just what that is here.

Some felt it was an example of government over reach, and the decision was appealed. However, as of Tuesday, June 14, that appeal has been denied, and the FCC does indeed support and allow for net neutrality.

The buzzwords used around net neutrality rules are that it’s free and fair. Providing equal opportunity access no matter the size of your website or company – you won’t have to fight for speeds, but you do still have to go through and pay for the internet service via your carrier (AT&T, Comcast, etc).

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