Where Can You Get Office 365 in Santa Cruz?

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Office 365 in Santa Cruz

The Microsoft suite of applications is the best choice for almost all daily work in the office, whether it’s Word for document processing, Outlook for email or Excel for spreadsheets, so why not get the most out of those services?

You would be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on the suite of programs and applications offered by Microsoft Office, from Word to Outlook to Excel and more. Microsoft Office has been a business staple for many years, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

It’s practically a given that your business is making use of some version of Office right now, and it’s just as likely that you’re not using the tools that place at your disposal to their full potential. Think of it this way – how many years have you been using Microsoft Office for? A decade? Two decades? And how many times over the course of those years have you accidentally stumbled onto a new Word or Excel feature that you didn’t even realize was there? How often have you completely missed new functions that were introduced when you upgraded to a newer version because it never occurred to you to look for them?

As it’s essentially off-the-shelf software, it’s not surprising that many users view Office as a basic tool, but Office has always been made up of feature-rich programs – that has never been truer than with Office 365. Learning the ins-and-outs of how Microsoft’s flagship programs work together in a more connected environment and making the most of the integrated features can be a challenge without a little guidance.

Cooper Technologies’ team of Microsoft experts are well-versed in everything that Office 365 has to offer, from the core functions of workhorses like PowerPoint and Excel to the hidden features and handy tricks that will allow you to use old standards in new and exciting ways. Office 365 is all about collaboration, connectivity, and creativity. Designed with a modern mobile workforce in mind, each program was developed or retooled to be used on the go as effectively as it would be used at the comfort of your desk.

Upgrading to Office 365 and actually using this new version to its full potential requires a solid grasp of exactly what Office 365 has to offer, which features and applications will have the most benefit for your unique business, and how to leverage the cloud aspect of this productivity suite to improve the way your staff gets work done.

Partnering with an IT provider staffed by Microsoft experts takes the guesswork out of Office 365, and offers your business a valuable resource to help your team use this game-changing Office suite to your maximum advantage. Because what’s the point of investing in high-end technology if you’re not going to use it the way it was intended?

The Cooper Technologies team has provided Office 365 in Santa Cruz for a number of businesses, taking care of everything from the initial install to helping to set up access to OneDrive to keeping track of subscription and licensing information. By making sure that every aspect of Office 365 has been setup correctly and taking the time to help your staff understand how the new tools they’ve been given actually work, your business can take advantage of a host of incredible new options that will help to simplify tasks, speed up projects, and impress your clients.

As the leading name in cloud business productivity software, Microsoft Office 365 has a long list of services and features designed to help you and your employees do more each day. With our unparalleled expertise, Cooper Technologies can provide you with many benefits in your Microsoft experience, including:

  • Simple Transition: Cooper Technologies can smooth your migration to Microsoft Office 365 services and email with industry-leading practices. With our help, you can be sure that no email, file or calendar is missing from your newly configured setup.
  • Sensible Costs: Due to the very nature of Microsoft Office 365 and cloud computing, there is almost no up-front capital required to pay for any physical hardware or the space to store it. Furthermore, pay-as-you-go pricing offers both predictability and flexibility in your budgeting process.
  • Convenience: Microsoft Office 365 helps you keep content, meetings, and contacts synced across all your devices for use on the go when you’re away from the office.

Office 365 is flexible, versatile, and surprisingly simple. It’s just a matter of having the right IT provider implement and leverage this incredible productivity tool, making sure you’re not missing out on what Office 365 has to offer.

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