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Marci is one of your mid-level employees. She’s great – she makes the coffee at just the right strength when it’s her turn to make the coffee and she always puts in cash for people’s birthdays.

She also fancies herself a bit of a technology savant, trying out new software and hardware whenever he can. She’s good for knowing what’s the latest new thing – she had a smart watch before anyone else did, she’s waited in line for new phones before (and isn’t ashamed to admit it), and when something happens at her computer at work, she fixes it.

Or she tries to fix it. Marci thinks she fixes it, but since tech is her hobby and not her job, she fixes it the way she thinks it should be fixed. Not necessarily in the way that it’s broken. She gets an alert that software needs updating, and she installs the latest and greatest software that he thinks will make things work better. Which may be disastrous.

Now let’s take Carl. He’s old-school and has convinced you that he can’t use any new software – he’s used to how things are with his current computer and he won’t let you near his workstation to update things.

[pullquote]Cooper comes in and brings your system up to speed and the important stuff gets automated.[/pullquote]

He also sees email as a version of actual mail. As in no one would send him something that wasn’t legit. He’s a fan, somehow, of clicking on email attachments and links, no matter who sent it and how obviously sketchy it seems. He’s never given his bank information to any foreign princes who’ve been in car crashes, but give him a link to click on, and click he will.

Marci and Carl are amazing what you’ve hired them to do, but you’ve gotten yourself into some IT hot water more than a time or two with company-wide lost time (which, to be fair, Carl does fill with camping stories, but as entertaining as those are, it’s not worth having to pay your workers when, since the computers are down, they’re listening to Carl tell about the bear that ran into the tent at their campsite).

What could you do differently? What’s that one way to help make everything better at your business?

You could have managed services. Cooper comes in and brings your system up to speed (sorry, Carl, Microsoft 2004 isn’t going to cut it), and the important stuff gets automated. A system gets set up so we can do remote monitoring and management. Automated jobs and tasks can be run remotely behind the scenes.

Temporary files get cleaned up, backups get checked, errors get examined, if bad software is installed, it can get blacklisted. If a hard drive is going to go bad, it won’t be a surprise. IT is on call and ready to help you.

Once a month, you pay a bill, and you’re covered. No more interruptions, no more corrupt software installed, no more email viruses threatening to wipe out your company’s data. Business runs more smoothly than you imagined it could.

Check back next week to see just how well Marci and Carl have adjusted to the new managed services setup.

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