Does Your Santa Cruz IT Services Company Truly Care About Your Business Network?

If not, it should. And, how exactly do you define real care in the business world? In our eyes, it’s taking an abiding interest in the welfare of another (just as it is in the social world), that “other” including not only the object – in this case an entire IT network – but also the human beings depending on its performance. To us, that’s a big part of what makes a truly caring Santa Cruz IT services company.

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But, there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Does your current IT support company seem a bit…vacant?

Are you getting the feeling that your business IT wants and needs are going unheard, or ignored? It’s not only frustrating, but also bad for business. There are a lot of self-interested sharks out there, but imagine us as the Santa Cruz IT company that brings you the service equivalent of a plate of (healthy, organic) chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Why? Because we care.

Are you getting your IT requests, wants, and desires met by your current tech support company?

If not, fire them immediately and call Cooper Technologies, the “feel goodIT services firm in Santa Cruz CA. We listen. We don’t talk over you with a bunch of “geek speak,” and we certainly won’t make any changes to your IT infrastructure (read: new tech rollouts, software upgrades, etc.) of which you don’t approve. We’ll be there for you in an honest, transparent way, in other words.

Does your current IT support service company take your long-term business goals into account?  

Longevity is everything. If a business has none, it has no future. Therefore, we champion your cause long-term, bringing the kinds of IT solutions to the table that reflect a belief in your company’s IT health and longevity. Anything less isn’t worthy of your time, money, or trouble.

How do we specifically keep you connected, secure, and productive?

Our CooperCare Secure Guarantee keeps your Santa Cruz, Salinas and Monterrey businesses and sensitive data protected around-the-clock from hackers, crackers and cybercriminals. Our CooperCare Complete + Cloud allows you to finally say goodbye to servers and headaches for good with fully-managed, spectrum-wide hassle-free cloud services. The enhanced security and connectivity mean a consistent, continuous shot in the arm for your overall business productivity.

What do we do best, and better than other Santa Cruz IT companies?

Our focused technical expertise sets us ahead of the competition because we bring together the perfect storm of optimized computers, servers, and mobile devices combined with the agile software, security, and engaged support that will keep your business IT systems running safely and efficiently.

Can we help you achieve IT mastery and ultimate productivity?

For optimum IT balance and productivity, contact us by phone at (toll free) (888) 810-9077, local (855) 303-5378 or send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and/or get you started with the best IT services company in Santa Cruz CA!

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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