Say no to Bring Your Own Parts: Here’s why

Browsing the aisles of your local supermarket, you start filling your cart with all kinds of tasty ingredients. Enough for a high-end, three-course meal for two – worthy of a Michelin star. You’re getting ready to celebrate your anniversary, and you know just exactly what to get.

Later that night, you and your partner are dressed to the nines and you’re ready for your delicious gourmet meal. You walk to the restaurant and you hand your bags of groceries over to your server.

“Here! I got these for the chef – we’d like our meal now please.”

Your server laughs and politely points you towards the door to make your own dinner yourself if you’re going to go shopping for the ingredients.

“But I knew what I needed to get – I just don’t know how to put it all together perfectly. I saved money by buying the ingredients myself.”

This time the pointing towards the door is not as polite. “I’m so sorry – that’s not something we do here.”

This wouldn’t ever actually happen – who would bring their own ingredients into a restaurant? It’s just not done.

So why would it work with your IT setup?


Purchasing your own hardware can work for your home setup and it may seem cheaper, but it can end up causing a lot of stress if you do it at work.

Yes, there’s a middleman and a markup if you have an IT company get the hardware and products that you need, but any difference in cost is more than made up for in knowing you’re getting what you can actually use and what you actually need.

You don’t have to try and figure out how the different products will work together. You don’t have to ship things back to a vendor if there’s a problem or if they sent the wrong part.

It’s not as easy as just calling up and putting in an order, and your IT company has relationships with vendors. They also have the added benefit of being able to work with you to determine what would actually work best for your business. Is the salesman out on the internet looking out for your business? Or their own bottom line?

You save time and aggravation by letting someone else do the work of buying hardware and systems for you. You pay to make sure you get what you need and to get things done right at your business.

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