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Cooper Technologies Managed Services Plans provide real-time monitoring and management of your company’s network, hardware, software, and internet connections. We make sure your system is running effectively and efficiently, and if anything gets in the way of that, your Cooper Technologies technicians will be on it before you’re even aware of any potential problem.

A Proactive Managed Service Plan keeps your servers, workstations, backups and overall hard drive and system health in top condition, ensuring that computer downtime and data loss don’t derail your business operations.

In addition to ongoing system administration, we will schedule and execute your updates, stay on top of your recovery procedures, track your software licensing, and safeguard your memory and drive space.

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Our LabTech system allows us to deliver remote, unobtrusive administration and updating of your systems. You’ll receive a regular administrative review, but if something comes up or you have a question, we’re just a phone call or email away. We guarantee you won’t end up in some automated call answering purgatory or email black hole. A real live person will be there to help you, 24/7.

Managed Service Plans let you know your costs up front so you aren’t caught off guard with surprise expenses. Not only can you plan your upcoming budget, but we’ll give you realistic advice on what to expect in the way of future hardware and software costs. The choice to implement is up to you, but you’ll have the knowledge you need to help you make critical technology decisions to support and grow your enterprise.

Managed Services Plans are tailored to fit your individual technology requirements and budget. You can choose from our Proactive Server Maintenance, Proactive Workstation Maintenance and Premium Plans. The process starts with an onsite audit to review all of your system components. Then we’ll meet to go over our findings and recommendations and help you determine the plan that works best for you.

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