“Our experience over seven or eight years has been that when customers start using virtualization, they have a preliminary notion of what virtualization is. But once they get in and start using it, they see it’s like a Swiss Army knife, and they can use it in many different ways.”

—Raghu Raghuram, Sr. VP and GM of Cloud Infrastructure and Management at VMware

We couldn’t have said it better. Over the past decade, Cooper Technologies has partnered with VMware and other software providers to give our clients an evolving array of virtualization solutions. This game-changing technology offers a variety of benefits that can result in long term cost savings, reduced power usage and heat production, and a scalable arrangement that maximizes resources.

In crafting a virtualization plan for each client, we take into consider issues such as performance, capacity, storage, security and backup and recovery. With each virtualization project, we’ve learned new ways to help organizations transition to next generation systems and optimize their technology investment.

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