The all wireless office: Not all dreams can come true

wirelessSally is a happy girl. She has her house set up wirelessly. She can lock her front door and turn on and off her lights with her smart phone. She can print from her laptop from upstairs to her wireless printer downstairs. Her fridge tells her when the door has been left open. She can watch Netflix on her tablet while checking her email on her phone.

Sally has got it together, wireless wise, and she thinks it’s time for her business to be the same way. I mean after all, if she can do it at home, really, what’s the problem with getting it set up for her office? Move everything to the cloud! Go completely wireless!

Sally is, in this case, completely wrong.

The dream of going completely wireless is, sadly, just a dream. What works at home with two or three people won’t work at an office with 50. Think of the kayak that comfortably fits two people. Now pile on 48 more. Not going to work.

[pullquote]Thinking you can go entirely wireless isn’t much more than a pretty, cotton candy dream.[/pullquote]

Technology is pretty fantastic and moves quickly, and while wireless definitely can work in the home, it’s not realistically developed to the level where it can support a full office.

No IT professional on the planet will recommend that any company go completely wireless. When 50 people start connecting to wireless access points with their devices, it just won’t work. It takes very careful planning and legwork, and there’s no guarantee it will work the way that you want it to.

You may have an awesome wireless setup, but when someone moves in next door and sets up their system, it could jack up your setup. Bandwidth fluctuates and things won’t work the way you expect them to. Thinking you can go entirely wireless isn’t much more than a pretty, cotton candy dream.

Be realistic with what will work in your office and get the infrastructure that lets you do what you need to do. Save the wireless fantasy for the home.

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