The Benefits of Virtualization For Your Organization

Physical hardware is slowly becoming obsolete, and technological advancements have provided us with several options for moving our data forward. Virtualization is a convenient and cost effective option over physical servers, and also helps decrease energy usage and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

A Cost-Effective Solution For Your Central Data Hub

With a virtualized platform, purchasing less hardware will clear out up to 80% of an organization’s server room space. Physical hardware also tends to emit a lot of heat, which can cause servers to crash. By choosing virtualized technology, organizations can reap tremendous savings by decreasing cooling costs for their data rooms.

A Time Efficient Option For Your IT Department

The process of switching from your organization’s current IT infrastructure to a virtualized platform can be setup within a few hours as opposed to a few days for conventional installations. Additionally, when big changes occurs across your network, chances are your IT department will want to restore their environments back to their former state in case any errors arise. Virtualization solutions offer programmers the flexibility to test software and utilize testing environments without consuming too much time and resources.

Backup Your Servers Without Any Migraines!

In case of emergencies, it’s always important to recover your system quickly since system crashes can translate into financial losses. By switching to a virtualized system, you can ensure that your entire network will be restored in a matter of minutes in case any unforeseen complications may arise. There are many high quality software that work seamlessly with virtualized platforms, and the independence from physical hardware reduces the server downtime during the recovery process.

Optimal VDI Solutions for Education

Educational environments can greatly benefit from a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) because it allows computer labs to maintain a system that accommodates the different needs of students and teachers. Not only do educational institutions save money on hardware and operational costs, but big software updates can also be handled a lot more easily. Software licensing for educational sites can become costly, but with a VDI setup, Microsoft allows institutions to pay an annual fee based on the number of full-time employees working at the school. Enrolled students can also use the software with no additional charge.

Virtualization Setup and Support from Cooper Technologies
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