The Cloud: Convenient but not perfect

You’re working on a project at work when you realize that the data for the graph you’re looking to make is safe and sound in its own file. On your laptop. At home. Just a handful of years ago, to get that data, you’d have to drive back home, save it to a disk or email it to yourself, and then head back to work. Now, with the cloud, you can save a file in one place and access it somewhere else. The future is now! All hail the cloud!

Except, it’s not quite as easy as you’d want it to be. Even the name, the cloud, should lead to some troubling images. What’s white and fluffy and picturesque can turn into destructive storms.

Dropbox and Microsoft 365 and other services that let you access your files from any computer or device in the world. But you can get an account deleted or a server at their end malfunctions and the data is gone? That’s it, you’re done, it’s over.

The cloud shouldn’t serve as a backup; files can be lost there too, and who will you be able to call to help you recover the data?

Putting everyone at your office in the cloud can cause problems with backups – how is the information being saved in case of a problem? And hacking – how is your information protected? Storage and bandwidth can be expensive and as you add users, the costs will go up.

Photo by Carolyn

Photo by Carolyn

Yes, there are great things about the cloud.
It can save money from your current setup and it can be invaluable to mobile employees.

But make sure to treat it like what it is – an IT solution that needs to be considered from a security standpoint as well as a convenience one.

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