Think twice about your new hires

Your business has turnover. Jenny in HR is headed to the east coast to be closer to her family. Josh in sales is moving to Alaska to work as a fisherman. You hire a new Jenny and a new Josh. Your IT company wants to know what access the new Jenny and new Josh should have. Like you have time to think about that.

“Just give them the same thing the last person had.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s fine; just get it done.”

What you may have forgotten is that Jenny in HR had access to some confidential information of the president because she was his sister, and she helped him found the company. You don’t want your new hire with that information.

Josh in sales? He had access to some HR information because when the company started, he was doing double duty of marketing, sales, and HR. The new guy? He doesn’t do that. He doesn’t need to know the salaries of other hires, the contact information of vendors.

The old Josh and old Jenny and the new Josh and new Jenny aren’t entirely interchangeable.Warning_sign

Someone in charges needs to do review the access of your employees with your IT company. There’s an onboarding and offboarding form that can let you know the pertinent information.

In all likelihood, you don’t want to give administrative rights to your new 22-year-old intern, but if that’s what you tell the IT company, that’s what they’ll give them. As you set up access for someone, make sure you know what access that person should have.

It’s more paperwork, which, let’s be honest, is often a headache and a hassle. But it’s a necessary evil like the forms for filing taxes and direct deposits. It’s something that needs to get done. This headache and hassle will be a quick one compared to the headache and hassle of dealing with a new employee getting a hold of information he/she shouldn’t.

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