United Airlines and NYSE went down last week and why you should care

It was last week that computer glitches hit both the stock market and United Airlines. Trading was halted on the New York Stock Exchange. Flights were grounded and thousands upon thousands of people had to scramble to make new plans.

All this because of computer problems.

This should make you think. Not about conspiracy theories or coincidence but about the plans in place should your company’s computer network have an unexpected glitch.

Granted, it’s unlikely that your company being down for a day will have the impact of thousands of worldwide cancelled flights or cause a dip in US markets, but it will have an impact on you.

You’ll feel better and you’ll be doing the best you can for your business if you have a plan in place. Are you ready to restore from backups? Do you have options and alternatives should the worst happen?

It can be overwhelming enough to keep business going from day to day and it can seem like a waste to plan for the most extreme of unfortunate circumstances. But glitches and problems will inevitably happen, and a plan in place now will mean a quicker recovery time later.

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