Vendor vs IT company: Who to trust and why

The vendor has one job. It’s to sell product. It’s not to make sure that product works for you. It’s not to make sure that you have what you need. It’s not to make sure everything is set up. It’s to sell product.

Your IT company has one job. To create a partnership with you to helo sure your technology is helping your company and working for you and not bringing things to a grinding halt.

The vendor is all smiles and sunshine and happiness. This will work for you. This will make your life easier. This will be the cutting edge and will definitely not cause any problems at all. It’ll change your world and make everything amazing.

Your IT company is more practical, and they will tell you the negatives along with the positives to changes in your system. This might work, but you’d need another server. This could work, but we’d need to replace this outdated software.

The vendor wants you to feel good to get you to spend your money.

Your IT company wants you to feel good that what you’re spending money on is what you actually need and what will actually work.

The vendor doesn’t care if what you get actually works.

Your IT company does.

Who do you think you should listen to?

If the answer sounds too easy, too perfect, and all it will take is some new product and you’re talking to a vendor (whose one job, remember, is to sell product), second guess. You wouldn’t listen to a used car salesman who said that the 20 year old, 200,000 mile car is still in great shape. Why put blind faith into the vendor just because what they have to say makes you feel good?

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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