Virtualization: Making your business more efficient

Think of your phone. Likely in your pocket or on your desk, you have a smart phone. It enables you to check your email, get the weather and the news, play endless rounds of Angry Birds, and, on occasion, make phone calls.

But what was your phone last year? Two years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty? While the rotary phones of years past may still work to make phone calls, we don’t expect to hold onto them forever. (You can’t play Words With Friends on a rotary phone.)

With the pace of technological development, what was state of the art can quickly become obsolete. That’s a part of the world that we live in. While you shouldn’t throw your phone out the window just because the latest version has been unveiled, you also shouldn’t hold onto old technology out of habit or familiarity.[pullquote]Are your servers legacy items that belong in a museum?

Or do you have the high quality, efficient technology that your company and business deserves?[/pullquote]

Today’s computer hardware is enormously powerful compared to what it used to be. Virtualization is, basically, putting multiple servers onto one piece of hardware instead of needing a one to one set up – one server = one piece of hardware.

Imagine your phone company coming in and telling you to stick with your rotary phones, all the while knowing that they could hook you up with the latest smart phones. It just wouldn’t happen. Wanting to stay with your older, non-virtualized servers is like ignoring the smart phone and sticking with your rotary. It might still work, for a bit. But moving forward with virtualization has a lot of upsides.

  • It makes things easier to restore from a backup.
  • If your system goes down, it takes less time to get it back up and running.
  • You have more flexibility for movement. Instead of days or weeks to move equipment, it can take hours.
  • You can expand more easily.
  • Energy costs will go down. Cooling and air conditioning is a requirement that goes hand in hand with servers. Fewer pieces of hardware equals lower energy costs. Virtual servers use 1/8 the power of a regular server.
  • Saves money in the long run. If the hardware costs $10,000, and you need five servers, would you rather buy one piece of hardware or five?

Why use 5 when 1 will do?Cooper can help you sort out what virtualization options would be the best for your business or company.

Virtualization makes your life easier with increased flexibility, lowered energy costs, and greater disaster recovery options.

It’s moving from the rotary phone to the smart phone, and once you make the switch, you’ll never look back.

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