Hardware and Support Combined with Business Communications

Our CooperCare Complete + Voice solution drives new efficiencies within your organization.

How do we do it? We streamline your IT by supplying you with a new hardware package – computers, servers, and mobile devices that work together seamlessly.

Then, we provide support and monitoring to ensure that your new IT infrastructure works at full-throttle for you every day.

But that’s not all…

To deliver on our promise of efficiency, we add the high-level advice of a Virtual CTO, cyber-security protocols, and a robust backup/disaster recovery solution.

So, where does + Voice come into the picture?

We layer even more productivity potential on top of our already comprehensive CooperCare Complete offering by giving you a fully-functional, professional phone system in our CooperCare Complete + Voice package.

With internet-based, business-grade telephone
systems from Cooper Technologies, Inc. you can:

  • Get flexible, mobile access to your VoIP telephone service via the cloud on your smartphone or tablet
  • Scale easily from a simple, online control panel – add or delete lines and features
  • Enable work-at-home or remote employees with professional, synced phones and extensions
  • Don’t pay for more than you need – tailor your phone system to your requirements

Want to know more about CooperCare Complete + Voice? We’d love to talk. Contact us at (855) 303-5378 or info@coopertechnologies.net.