WatchGuard Firewalls vs. Fortinet: Why WatchGuard Wins Every Time

The battle between WatchGuard and Fortinet firewalls is ongoing and presents many criteria that network administrators are wading through where concerns things such as speed, efficacy, reliability, security, and native reporting. For us, the WatchGuard Firewalls vs. Fortinet question has been answered, and we’ll reveal for you here why WatchGuard wins every time, in our estimation.

WatchGuard Firewalls vs. Fortinet

There are pros and cons to either firewall, for sure (though much fewer pros for us where Fortinet is concerned). What matters is stability and utility over time, and what works best for the average network administrator on the most criterium, consistently.

And, for us, that firewall is WatchGuard.

Why you ask?

Because, for our money, WatchGuard has the best deployment, reporting, and security in the business.

There’s also the fact that, as reported in a WatchGuard Press Release from the RSA Conference in San Francisco in April 2015, “WatchGuard Technologies Wins Most Innovative Firewall and Cutting Edge SIEM Solution from Cyber Defense Magazine”.

An abstract from that article notes, “WatchGuard’s Firebox M500 firewall continues a streak of industry recognition for its ability to inspect encrypted traffic 149 percent faster than competing solutions.”

Need further evidence that WatchGuard firewalls win the day?

We’re not the only IT mavens with good things to say about WatchGuard Firebox and its other firewall offerings. Here are some other sources of positive feedback on the issue:

A system admin on Reddit had this to say about WatchGuard’s speed and security factors: “I have noticed a huge latency drop [faster speed] going from an xtm 510 to the M400 [both are WatchGuard firewalls]. The M400 and M500 have a dedicated chip for encrypt/decrypt.”

A user on Spiceworks says this about it: “We have used WatchGuard for years and the ease is the best. The system manager is so simple. VLAN’s, VPN’s, policies, whatever…very simple to deploy and configure.”

We pulled this pros vs. cons comparison of the two firewalls from the Reddit system admin:


  • Easy to set up and administer.
  • Native reporting needs improving, but Dimension is free and robust.
  • Everything (web filtering, etc.) is provided by a third party, so firmware updates can be a chore.
  • Looks pretty.


  • A pretty steep learning curve for setup and administration.
  • Great throughput and lower latency than WatchGuard.
  • Very stable and reliable.

The Takeaway: With WatchGuard, you get better Value and Performance, Security Intelligence, and a trusted firewall technology leader with numerous accolades and a stellar reputation.

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