What you want to hear vs. what you need to hear

“Will this new software work with my current system?”yes-no-buttons

“Can I stick with what I have and not have to worry about the future?”

“Is this a good idea?”

What’s the answer you want to hear for all of these? You want to hear yes. It’s not just you, it’s everyone. It’s nice to have our ideas and expectations validated. We don’t want to hear “no.”

Scientific research backs up the idea that hearing the word “no” or even seeing the word “no” (like now) will induce stress hormones (sorry about that). Our brains are designed to help us avoid the negative and stressful situations of life, which in terms of being chased by a lion across the Serengeti, is particularly good.

In terms of keeping your IT systems in good shape, it’s not particularly good.

We’ve said it before, and it’s worth saying again. Remember that the job of a salesman is clearly described in the name of the job – sales. The entire job and entire focus is to sell you a product. It’s not to ensure that the product is good for you, it’s not to ensure you get what your business needs, it’s to sell you a product. And they know that “no” makes you feel bad and “yes” makes you feel good.

But sometimes, in the real world, the word “no” is what you have to hear. Endless “yes” answers won’t help you, as good as they may make you feel when you hear them.

With the “no” to one idea, you should find out what alternative option will work better for you and your business by asking a trusted IT adviser.

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