Which side of the Apple vs Windows is Cooper on?

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People become loyal, even obsessed with their devices or more precisely, the type of device: Windows PC vs Apple. Looking up Apple vs Windows gets you 178,000,000 results and Windows vs Mac gets you 129,000,000 results.

Anyone remember the series of ads 10 years ago with Justin Long and John Hodgman as Mac vs PC? This is an ongoing debate.

We want to give people rights and freedoms to be loyal to whatever type of operating system, hardware, and device they want.

But, frankly, when it comes down to it, there is a better option for your office. Choose the tool you need – the best tool to do the best job.

Apple is more focused on the individual user than the whole for an organization. It works very well for home computing, and there’s a reason there was a book written called The Cult of Mac.

However, Apple frankly just doesn’t work as well in the enterprise. From a management IT perspective, Apple is much more difficult to manage because the utilities aren’t available to manage the systems.

Take for example a school with 500 laptops. For backups, you have one option – it’s Apple’s option. There’s no an application that can check it for 500 people, it would have to be done one by one.

With Windows, it’s easier to map drives, it’s easier to give people specific access when they log in, and it’s easier to create policies to enforce how people use the system. That’s not to say that things could change in the future, but for the way it is right now, currently with Apple, there are limits for how IT can administer, control, and safely enforce policies surrounding your system.  Without the management utilities, you can’t do as much or do it as well.

With Apple, costs will be higher. It costs more for hardware and it requires more work and interaction from your tech person, which also translates into costing more money.

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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