Why and when to get a new server

You get the oil changed in your car regularly. It’s not a free service, but it’s worth it, because it helps your car run smoothly, it keeps you safe, and, well, you need it. You also get belts changed, filters replaced, your engine serviced. You don’t ignore what’s under the hood because you don’t see it every day, but every day it’s working for you. And after awhile, despite all the love, care, and cash you’ve put into your car, it’ll be time for a new one. Or you can take the gamble and drive, just waiting for the day the car breaks down.

Same thing applies to your company’s server. The core of your business is likely to be contained there – your accounting system, your sales, your records, everything you need to keep your business thriving and your customers happy. You may not be consciously thinking about your server, you have other things on your mind, and who would blame you? In a backroom, out of sight, you paid good money for it when you got it and it’s working now, so what’s to worry about.

But if your server goes down, especially without a good backup system in place, what do you tell your customers? How to you put your business back together and keep going? You can’t go back to paper, you can’t lose what you have, those messes are too big and they just aren’t options you want to have to consider. So play it safe and play it smart by updating your server. Technology changes so quickly that every four to five years it’s time for a complete hardware and software replacement.

Think of the last time you got a new smart phone or a new laptop or home computer? Probably in the last couple of years. The personal computers in your life aren’t more important than your business server. And while an IT company will do the best they can to help you out if an older server dies, there are only so many tricks they can pull out of its hat to repair it. Specialized components for an older system may not be made anymore, and if it’s not on eBay, there may not be an option to fix it.

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