Why business project management is something you need

Business project management. It’s a sexy phrase, isn’t it? Makes you think of white sand beaches and colorful sunsets.

Oh, it doesn’t?

What about knowing that your company is working at its most efficient and that you haven’t spent more money than you needed to to make everything work as it should.

Now that’s hot.

Business project management can do that for you. Sit down with someone who knows IT (NOT a sales vendor) and explain what you have in your system and what you want from your system. Do you want new tools for the sales people in the field? How do you want the devices to work? What software will you need? How will you test it before it goes live? If there are problems with it, what will you do?

Or, let’s say you want smart boards for your school, because, let’s be honest, smart boards are hot right now. They do everything; they’re amazing. But will your teachers know how to use them? Who will train them? Do you have connectivity to support them? Who will clean them and how? When will batteries be replaced and by whom? The tips for the pens will need to be replaced. Whose job is that?

This is the stuff that you may not have thought about when you got distracted by the flashy sales pitch, but it’s stuff you will find yourself faced with.

It takes one piece of paper worth of ideas and understanding and thinking ahead with someone who knows what you’ll need in a real world situation. Take it out of the slick salesman presentation and break it down for what you can actually do and what you actually need. That way when you put in a new project, it’ll actually work and it’ll actually have been a good idea.

Business Needs Reliable Outcomes. They Also Need Reliable IT Services.

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